How Hiring a VA Could Help Promote Your Social Media


Social media is a large part of marketing for small businesses. As a matter of fact, it’s a large part of marketing for ALL businesses so it’s practically a requirement that all businesses have a presence on social media.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs don’t commit to building their social media presence. Sometimes you don’t have the time to commit to starting and developing your social media accounts. You’re busy focusing on other important facets of your business. On the other hand, the idea of planning and putting together social media content may feel daunting, so you never get to putting anything up on your accounts.

Here’s where a Virtual Assistant can help you. A Virtual Assistant can help you start, develop and promote your various social media profiles, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or the other plethora of platforms. To have someone help start, develop and promote your social media accounts not only creates more time for you, but also helps sustain a consistent and professional digital footprint for you, your business and your brand.

Get You Organized

A VA can assist you in getting organized because they can help you plan out and schedule your social media content. We like to have our clients look at an entire year, then break it down into quarters, then by month, then by week and then to the day. This is a method that allows them to look at their digital marketing as a whole, like a large puzzle with which we’re putting together the pieces as we go along. It seems like a huge task to handle, but when you have someone to assist you, it gets so much easier.

You can also figure out which “formula” works best for your platform. You may have your Virtual Assistant produce one fun post, two educational posts, and one call-to-action post each week.  

Creating Graphics

Once you have planned out your social media content and come up with your “formula,” then your VA can help you create the graphics for your social media posts. One social media go to platform is Canva, but there are also other easy graphic designing platforms available to use.

Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

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After creating the graphics, putting together the content and pulling your hashtags, it’s time to schedule your social media posts. There are plenty of platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer and Later to help with scheduling your content. Our favorite is CoSchedule. The cost of these platforms can be pricey, but if you hire a VA who handles other entrepreneur’s social media accounts, they will probably be able to get you a premium share price on one of these platforms.

Social Media Engagement

You may even want to consider employing your assistant to respond directly to messages and comments on your pages.  Interaction is important and something that should not be taken lightly. If your VA can speak and write in your voice, it can be leveraged to help you continue building your online presence and business.

Tracking Your Metrics

The key to knowing whether or not your social media efforts are justified is in the tracking of your metrics. Keeping track of metrics lets you know what works, what doesn’t work, what efforts to get rid of and what to keep doing. This allows you to continuously shape and employ a strategy to build success.

What do you think about our tips? Ready to have someone help you with your social media? Reach out to us for a free 30 minute consultation.