Use a Virtual Assistant to do Market Research

Virtual Assistant for Market Research

In a world that's rapidly changing, it's crucial to develop a strategic plan to keep your business up-to-date on the tools you will need to market to your consumers with the right messages and through the right marketing channels. These marketing tools will help you develop how you position your brand via your marketing and ultimately help you stand out from your competitors.

Market research is at the crux of this strategy and it’s a very time consuming endeavor for most entrepreneurs. It requires gathering and interpreting detailed information on a product or service - specifically the product or service you want to enter the market with. Market research is an integral part of the business strategizing process, especially for small businesses. Why? Because it ensures that you are reaching your target audience and acquiring the right clients and customers for your business.

Taking the time to go through this process helps determine your business decisions and solve any marketing challenges that may arise. As an entrepreneur, how can you collect the relevant data and continue to focus on running your business? By hiring a Virtual Assistant!

SEM (and your business’s online presence)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a significant component of marketing that incorporates using organic and paid methods to increase the position of your business on search engine results pages. SEM uses search engines to advertise your business to customers online and sends more targeted traffic to your website using keywords. Therefore when a user is searching for specific keywords, businesses with the same keywords on their websites (or any online platform) will be pulled up.

Hiring a VA who has the expertise in conducting the research for which keywords align with both your business and what internet users are searching for, will not only save time for you to work on other important parts of your business, but it may also help you determine how you should develop your brand strategy. It will also save you from having to spend money on your own SEM training.

Finding the Right Clients

Finding prospective clients can also be challenging because it sometimes leads to empty follow-ups. It also requires you doing due diligence research to see if any of your prospective clients are people or businesses with which you want to associate.

A virtual assistant can conduct the due diligence required to determine your perfect client and determine the different assets that make them your perfect client. Are they millennials or are they older? Do they run product based companies or are they social entrepreneurs? This process will help you find the right potential clients, helping you weed out those who are not a good fit.

Marketing Planning:

Developing the right marketing plan which encompasses advertising, newsletters, email blasts and social media among other things, is essential to your business and brand value. Having a virtual assistant in the form of a content creator or marketing coordinator will help you identify and optimize different methods, strategize ideas and put together the right content that you need in order to reach your target audience (and the right client). This will make sure you have the  advantage over any competitors because at the front end, you’ve been able to identify most of the methods and platforms that will work to your advantage. If you’re not a product based company, do you really need a pinterest account? If you’re audience is tech savvy, should you be sending them physical and mailed newsletters? All of these questions and questions like it, are accounted for in your marketing planning and moreover, your market research.

Investing in market research will help you elevate your organization and stay one step ahead of meeting your consumers’ demands. It will provide more clarity on how to position your business and what you offer so that you can maximize market share. If you need help with figuring out where to start finding a Virtual Assistant to help you fulfill your research needs, let us know and we’ll be glad to help. Reach out to us at