2019 goals

Laying Down the Framework

Laying Down the Framework

For everything in our lives, we need to lay down the framework. The same goes for hiring.

If you are considering hiring a Virtual Assistant this year, that’s great. However, don’t think that hiring an assistant is a process that will be as simple as snapping your fingers, where suddenly, all of your work will be outsourced with minimal effort.

New Year, New Heights!

It’s 2019, meaning it’s a new year with new heights to reach! The start of the New Year is always a time of increased vigor and enthusiasm. We took the time to build out our 2019 Strategic Plan at the end of 2018 by establishing new goals and laying the groundwork for new endeavors, and we hope all of you did the same. Of course with creating our plan, we knew that it would include building out our team as well because it would allow us to scale smarter.