Laying Down the Framework

Laying Down

the Framework

What you need to do before
hiring an Assistant

For everything in our lives, we need to lay down the framework. The same goes for hiring. In our last blog post, “New Year, New Heights,” we talked about building out your team to make scaling your business more attainable in 2019.  

If you are considering hiring a Virtual Assistant this year, that’s great. However, don’t think that hiring an assistant is a process that will be as simple as snapping your fingers, where suddenly, all of your work will be outsourced with minimal effort.

Hiring for your team is no different from creating any other process for your business. It starts with proper organization. Here’s what you will need to put in place before bringing anyone on to support you.

Prepare Agreements

Contracts or service agreements are critical because they set the standards and boundaries of the working engagement.  Typically, contracts will outline the basics like scope of services, duration of work, pricing, and payment schedules.

Finalize Your Organizational Chart

Organizational charts are also important because they allow the Virtual Assistant to learn the business structure, like who does what in the organization or who to contact when issues arise.

Consider Training

Another good question to ask yourself is whether or not the VA is knowledgeable of the tools, software, and systems that your business uses to be successful.  If not, do you have a process to quickly get them up-to-speed, especially if you plan to scale and integrate new software down-the-road?

Budget Time and Money

In addition, a great VA may work on other projects for other businesses, so their time may be limited or come at a premium price.  Estimating how often you need them and how much you can invest to leverage their expertise is another point to consider.

A little thought beforehand can help you design a positive relationship between yourself and a Virtual Assistant, while helping you grow your business with reduced stress.  

Not sure if you’re ready to hire a VA? Think of all of the tasks and responsibilities in your business. Which items do you just have no time to handle or would rather not do? How long does it take you to do those things? If you can come up with a list of 5 responsibilities, then it may be time to hire some additional help.

Already interested in outsourcing some of your workload, set up a free 30 minute consultation with us to learn more about how we can help you.

Until next time!

The Your Project Board Team