How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

The time has come: you’re finally at the point in your small business where you need to hire someone to help you out. You’ve probably come to this point plenty of times before, but you’ve finally had enough. So how are you going to ensure you hire the right Virtual Assistant for you?

First, think about ALL of the tasks that you need help with, or the duties that you know must be outsourced. It may be easier to think about this in broad categories, and later fill in the details. For example, if you spend way too much time invoicing your clients, you may you want to hire an assistant to handle that and other small bookkeeping needs. Or, if you spend way too much time thinking about what to write in your weekly newsletter, you may want to get an assistant to get them started for you.

Once you get the details all figured out, think about your budget and the level of expertise you need from your assistant. One platform that is great for this is called After that, you can create a simple job description that can be shared or posted on any online job board. If you have a difficult time putting together a job description, try searching for one on google, or more specifically, When the applicants pile in, you can narrow down the candidates who you feel would be the best fit.  

The key is always having options because things happen in life, like applicants finding other work opportunities or even having personal issues that may prevent them from working with you. You can create a prescreening test to further qualify your applicants and assess their strengths and weaknesses. Conduct a trial period to see how your Virtual Assistant can perform in real time.  This was something one of our clients did. She called it, “examining our synergy.” Another consideration are personality tests. You may not want to go too overboard, but strive to have a system in place to attract and screen the best candidates.

If you need help with finding a Virtual Assistant to help you fulfill your needs, but don’t know where to start, let us know and we’ll be glad to help. Email us at