Hire your Assistant Before Vacations and Holidays

Hire before Vacation

2019 is going by so quickly; we’re right at Spring’s door! This means that summer is right around the corner and this made us think...what are all of our clients (us included) about to do? They’re about to start taking a bunch of vacations because we’re entering into prime holiday season: Easter, Spring Break, Memorial Day...the list goes on!

There’s nothing like a holiday (and vacation) quickly approaching that serves as a great excuse to start relaxing a little and becoming lax on your own workload. After all, entrepreneurs definitely need time to get in some R&R and holidays are usually twofers: quality time with family and time away from our work. The problem is, that when entrepreneurs go on vacation or take a break to enjoy a holiday, it usually results in entrepreneurs being more stressed out and overworked when getting back to work. Of course, we know there’s a way to alleviate that problem: hiring someone who can help you!

Planning your work and activities around the holidays can help you manage your own workflow and having a calendar and prioritizing your activities is a good start, but we know that there’s some of us who like to ignore our calendar notifications and reminders (we’re guilty here too).

With that being said, it’s probably best to hire an experienced individual such as an assistant to handle projects and assignments while you’re away. Taking the time to hire some help before a vacation or holiday hits can ensure that you stay focused and you and your business don’t fall behind. Doing so keeps everything running somewhat smoothly while you’re away and when you get back you don’t run into an inbox with 900+ emails and a voicemail backed up with messages, because that will only stress you out more than when you were before you went on vacation!