How a VA Can Help you Get More Clients

Virtual Assistant Client Acquisition

Getting more clients, or “client acquisition” is something that we discuss every now and then with some of our clients. Why? Because our clients are small business owners who are usually in the weeds -- they are too tired and stressed out to even know what that is and how it affects their bottom lines.

What is Client Acquisition

Client Acquisition is how much it costs you to get a client. Client acquisition can be one of the most challenging tasks for any small business owner, especially while they’re trying to fulfill the needs of each and every client that you already have. What we’ve come to realize is our clients themselves waste too many resources to get clients, usually resulting in a waste of both their money and time.

Saving time, energy and money are typically the most important goals for enterprising and proactive individuals and it should be that of every business owner, because when you save time, money and energy it directly affects your ability to grow your business.

How Can a VA Help You Get More Clients

So how does a VA Help with Client Acquisition exactly?

Well, we can start by saying that a super VA can help you by doing your work at a lower cost which ultimately frees up your time.  A solid virtual assistant can be responsible for helping you leverage your time so that you can engage in focused and consistent execution of completing critical goals for bringing on more clients.

What we do for our clients in particular, is sit down with them and talk through the process of how much it costs for THEM to acquire clients. How much money are you spending on lunches and conferences? How much time and energy are you shelling out to attend networking events? We explain to our clients how delegating that work to your assistant can help you do and acquire more strategically!

Getting clients can be tough for most entrepreneurs and business owners, especially those who don’t have a knack for marketing and sales (and it’s okay to not have a knack for marketing and sales); however, with a VA you can help you solve that problem by helping you free up the time to learn how to develop your sales and marketing processes and skill set.

Make the Right Decision

When making a decision to incorporate a virtual assistant into the mix, don’t let the check amount that you write blind you from understanding the time, energy and money that will be saved, and/or the new revenue generated from making the investment into someone who can help you move up in your business.