How’s your Business Going to Run When you’re on Vacay?


It’s the beginning of July so we’re all about to start doing what all Americans start doing at this time of year..VACATION! Unfortunately you’re all business owners too, and although a break would be amazing, the business still has to run. So how’s your business going to keep operating when you’re on vacay? The problem is, that when entrepreneurs take a break away to enjoy themselves, it usually results in added stress and more work when you come back. This is even more true when you’re a solopreneur. Here are some ways to alleviate that problem and actually get a chance to relax on your vacation:

STEP 1: Be efficient and proactive! Plan your work, projects and assignments around your soon to happen vacation to help you manage your own workflow. Put everything on your calendar or your task management platform. If you don’t have a task management platform, check out our favorite, Asana.

STEP 2: Put your clients on alert. Let everyone know you will be on vacation and therefore unreachable. This way they will know not to bother you.

STEP 3: Speaking of unreachable...make sure you have your vacation responder set to turn on as soon as you’re out of the office and to turn off once you get back to work.

STEP 4: Hire someone who can help you! Actually, this may be step one. Have projects/assignments that can’t stop just because you’re on vacation? Want the phones to still get answered and the emails to still be checked? Want to make sure you’re not going to miss any potential business? Then hire an assistant.

Hiring an assistant keeps everything running as smoothly as possible while you’re away. This helps you avoid running into an inbox with 900+ emails and a backed up voicemail with messages. Following the above steps and hiring assistant will allow you to have that much-needed stress-free vacation you've been craving.

Ready to go on vacation and need help in the meantime, go ahead and schedule a 1-hour consultation with us to learn how we can help you.