Podcasting as an Alternative to Blogging


Blogs and podcasts are two of the most popular ways to share engaging and informative content to a wide-range audience. It seems like everyone nowadays either has a blog, podcast or both! While blogs are still a relevant publishing tool to reach audiences and have had more longevity, the market is becoming saturated. The use of podcasts to aid in brand building is a recent phenomenon that has been growing rapidly and is a medium many businesses are using to their advantage. Although both methods have great benefits, podcasts are now a booming market as well as a cutting-edge alternative that your business should explore to gain more exposure and remain competitive. Appointing a virtual assistant on your team with the right expertise will help you figure out how to integrate a podcast with your content marketing strategy to bring in a return on investment for your business.

So what makes podcasting a great alternative? The biggest incentive is how easily accessible it is to your target audience. While blogging is great because it helps increase visibility to your website and other online platforms, podcasts have the ability to reach your audience nearly anywhere. Nowadays people enjoy being able to have access to information wherever they are and the biggest game changer for this is smartphones. With information now being at our fingertips and an average person’s attention span becoming lower, it is easy to become distracted by long blog posts. The advantage of podcasts over blogging is that you can showcase your personality through your voice, allowing you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Your audience will feel like you are talking directly to them, where as with blogging there can be a disconnect. Having an assistant help you develop a solid roll-out plan for a podcast will help ensure that you are captivating your audience with the right content.

The best way to determine if a podcast would be good for you is to bring in an assistant on your team to conduct research on the amount of money and time development will take. Whether or not you choose to take the podcasting route, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the better the quality of your work, the greater your chances are of maintaining a valuable relationship with your audience. As this can take up a great deal of time, an experienced virtual assistant is someone who would be great at helping you do your due diligence with making sure this endeavor works you.