Benefits of Blogging for Marketing


It’s becoming harder every day to attract and maintain an audience. Blogging has evolved into a great marketing tactic and has become one of the most cost-efficient to use for providing relevant content to your target market. Here are a few reasons why blogging is one of the most effective techniques that can be used by your virtual assistant to help build your brand, increase traffic to your website and attract more potential client leads.

Search Engine Benefit:

One of the long-term benefits of blogging is the opportunity to increase traffic to your website. Research shows that websites with blogs generally have a higher number of visitors over websites that don't have a blog. The way this data is collected is that search engines gather information from different sources, such as web pages, and analyze the content to understand the page. This process is known as indexing. This information is then stored in a database that the search engine references to find the most relevant answer to any user’s search. Every time a new blog post is created there is a new webpage of content available to your site. In order to increase visibility to your page, search engines will use this new web page of content as well as the keywords plugged into your site to index and rank your web page against other search results. Hiring an assistant to help you consistently create quality blog posts, will provide search engines with more content to index and rank your web pages overtime. This will help drive more traffic to your site that can be converted to potential client leads.

Provides Content for Other Marketing: Social Networks, Newsletters, Campaigns:

Providing valuable content to your blogs will help you to leverage this for your other online platforms, such as social media, newsletters, and marketing campaigns. Including the link to your blog posts in social media posts will not only help increase the number of views for the blog, but will also increase your search engine result ranking. Another benefit to including your blog post on your newsletter and campaign email distribution list is that it helps give you control over your traffic by allowing you to show readers how to best navigate your online content. Hiring a team or an assistant to help you strategize your online marketing presence will help you increase interactions with readers and ultimately help you build genuine relationships with other industry leaders.


Blogs help you link all of your online marketing content and educate audiences on your brand’s focus and your company’s expertise. Having a team of virtual assistants who specialize in writing blog post will allow you to designate more time to marketing your business in other ways, while your team manages your online presence. If you need help finding a virtual assistant to help with your needs, let us know and we’ll be glad to help. Reach out to us at