Growing your Brand with a Virtual Assistant through Customer Service


Cultivating customer relationships can have the greatest impact on long-term growth for your small business. Behind every brand’s distinctiveness is their ability to not only acquire, but also maintain customers. Incorporating customer support into your business model will help you ensure that every interaction current and potential clients/customers have with your brand, staff and content is an enjoyable experience. Here are several customer service based practices that you can hire a virtual assistant to help implement for your business.

Develop Customer-Centered Brand

The way you can develop a brand that is customer-centered is to focus on customer-equity (the financial value of sales from customers on a regular basis) rather than brand equity (the emphasis of how much your brand is valued by consumer’s perception). In other words, you should be willing to go above and beyond the limitations of your brand to fulfill consumer demands and cultivate client relationships. One of the first ways clients interact with your brand is usually online, specifically on your company’s website. Working with an assistant who specializes in graphic design can help you organize your website as user-friendly to consumer’s behaviors at different phases of the purchasing journey. Transparency is another significant factor consumers look for when working with small businesses. Making your organization’s contact information accessible for clients/customers to contact you and having an assistant on-hand to quickly respond to inquiries will contribute to building trust between your company and its consumers. Brand’s should be seen and approached as ever-evolving, while customer’s needs remain at the top of your priorities.

Testing Customer Feedback

Another building block towards a more customer service based brand is to take advantage of customer/client insights by conducting surveys. Engaging with prospects and your target audience through surveys and observing behaviors will provide you with greater insight on each stage of the marketing funnel (steps consumers generally take during the sales process from start to finish) for your business. The most effective way to make use of this information is to apply and experiment with the feedback. Bringing on an assistant or a team will not only help with distributing surveys, but also with developing ideas based on the collected data to start testing. This will enable you to develop a clear priority list of concept plans that have the most potential impact at the lowest cost and quickest rollout.

Exclusivity and Rewards

Promoting offers, coupons and/or discounts as exclusive deals for purchasing from your brand are common methods to help generate customer sales. A few examples of these types of deals would be percentage discount to use for future purchases, free shipping based on promo codes and customer loyalty-type offers. It is essential to take into consideration your overall brand strategy before determining what exclusive deals you offer. Usually the type of deals you offer should depend on how slim or large your sales margins are so that you are able to meet your goals. Hiring an assistant to determine what type of exclusive deals fit with your brand, launch campaigns and measure your results will help you understand how to effectively utilize deals to drive sales and maintain customer loyalty.


It is important to keep in mind that growing your brand through customer service based practices looks different for every business. Taking the time to evaluate your business model and develop clear goals will help you determine the best strategy to help improve your company’s overall customer service experience. As a business owner who wears multiple hats already, the most effective way to leverage a customer service based brand is to get help from a virtual assistant. If you need help finding a virtual assistant to help with your needs, let us know and we’ll be glad to help. Reach out to us at