How Commenting on Others’ Blogs is Good for your Business


How Commenting on Others’ Blogs is Good for your Business

Learn why and how this strategy can be used to get your business name out there

Nowday’s business blogging has become a norm for nearly every business with an online marketing presence. It helps fill the communication gaps between your business and your target audience, particularly with regards to what services or products your business offers. Blogs serve as a way to promote your business, by allowing you to share the expertise you bring to the industry, answering any unanswered questions about your company, and increasing your visibility and exposure.

As important as it is to have a blog, it is also beneficial to comment on other blogs for your business. As a business owner who is busy keeping your business running, the most effective way to ensure that you are able to stay consistently engaged with your online audience the right way is to hire a Virtual Assistant. Let's dig deeper into why and how this strategy can be used to get your business name out there.

Build Relationships:

Leaving comments on other blogs usually opens the door for building a relationship with other blog owners. The more consistent you are with commenting on other blogs, the more likely the relationship will continue to grow. Hiring an assistant to regularly make blog comments on your behalf, once they have familiarized themselves with your communication style, will allow you to not only build relationships with the blog owners, but also with their devout readers. Continuing to post authentic and relevant comments on other blogs, will increase the chance of their readers diverting to your blog and/or website. This can lead to potential new social media followers and/or email subscribers. An assistant could help you stay consistent with these practices and ultimately help lead to new relationships and business opportunities, such as guest blog posts, marketing campaigns, and/or co-branding partnerships.

Increases your knowledge:

Another benefit of blog commenting is that it helps you become a subject matter expert in various topics relevant to your market industry. As a small business owner or entrepreneur who follows blogs, you are most likely following those with topics relevant to your business. Bringing an assistant on your team to take the time to read quality content and add valuable comments on these blogs, will inadvertently help increase the knowledge on your team. It is important to keep in mind that the more time you and your team invest in reading these blogs, the more intellectual advantage you will have as a business owner.

Brand Awareness:

Brand Awareness is one of the biggest benefits of commenting on blogs. Whenever you leave a comment, social media handle and/or url to your website on any form of online content you are representing you and your brand. This is a great way to put your name out there and get more exposure for your brand, which can ultimately lead to potential clients.

Blog commenting is a great strategy to use for getting more visibility for your business's online platforms, such as websites, social media and blog posts. If you are seeing a lack of engagement on your own blogs, then hiring an assistant to help you develop best practices for consistently commenting on other blogs or online content that is relevant to your business will make a difference! If you need help with figuring out where to start finding a Virtual Assistant to help you fulfill your needs, let us know and we’ll be glad to help. Reach out to us at